Have You Suffered From Adverse Effects After Taking Xarelto?

Xarelto® (brand name rivaroxaban) is manufactured by Bayer™ and marketed across the United States by Johnson & Johnson™ subsidiary Janssen.

It is a new generation of blood thinner that is primarily marketed as an alternative to the drug warfarin. This drug was the first direct factor Xa inhibitor on the market and is taken orally. The FDA and medical professionals put this drug in the class of New Oral Anticoagulant, or “NOAC”.

It is primarily used to treat patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib) and can also be used as a preventative measure for deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT causes clots to form in the veins of the legs and can block the blood flow throughout. This condition is extremely dangerous as the clots can dislodge themselves from the vein and travel throughout the circulatory system, entering in the lungs which can cause deadly tear known as a pulmonary embolism (PE).

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Dangerous Side Effects of Xarelto:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Intracranial bleeding
  • Severe hemorrhages

Xarelto-related Hemorrhage is a side effect many have experienced after taking the drug. If you begin to have any of these symptoms it is critical to seek proper medical attention immediately:

  • Dark or discolored urine/stool
  • Excessive nose bleeds
  • Vomiting/coughing blood
  • Weakness or fatigue

There is not a cure for a hemorrhage or any other bleeding disorder resulting from Xarelto, or any way to reverse or stop a bleeding disorder caused by Xarelto currently.

Do I have a case against the makers of Xarelto?

If you or a loved one has taken Xeralto and are experiencing internal bleeding, call the Attorney Injury Group today, as we may be able to recover for you. Each case is different and the facts may vary, even so, you should speak to one of our experienced attorneys about your particular situation.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all drug companies disclose known side effects or adverse events associated with a drug they manufacture. To better assess the side effects, manufacturers are also required to perform a variety of clinical trials, in order to increase their chances of discovering these side effects prior to putting any drug on the market. If a drug manufacturer fails to do disclose known side effects, they can be held liable for not adequately warning consumers of the dangerous risks that are involved when taking the drug.

If a side effect is discovered after the drug has already been placed on the market, the manufacturer must immediately notify the FDA as well as make the information available to the public. If a patient is not informed of all the potential risks and the probability of their occurrence, there is possibility for the patient to give informed consent to take the medication.

The medical ethics and the laws pertaining to dangerous drug litigation require patients be given all relevant information prior to the patient giving their informed consent.

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The Attorney Injury Group will fight aggressively to protect your rights. If you or a loved one suffer from adverse effects after taking Xarelto call the experienced dangerous drug attorneys at the Attorney Injury Group for help. Call us today at 617-934-7000 for a FREE, confidential consultation. When you call our experienced Massachusetts personal injury lawyers, we will investigate every detail of your case at no cost to you.

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