Have You Been Effected By the Stryker Hip Defects?

Thousands of patients in the U.S are suffering from serious and even life-threatening injuries due to Stryker® Corporation’s Rejuvenate™ and ABG ll™ metal hip implants failing. The Stryker® Hip Implants are failing at an alarming rate causing thousands of patients to suffer from serious complications, adverse effects, and even causing them to undergo revision surgery.

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A Recall is Issued

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in 2012 that the Stryker Corporation issued a voluntary recall of their Rejuvenate and ABG ll metal hip implant devices. After repeated testing, it was proven that the artificial metal joints in the devices would corrode and break down quickly due to normal wear and tear from the body.

The corrosion then causes increasing amounts of toxic metal debris to enter a patient’s surrounding tissue and bloodstream leading to multiple dangerous side effects including:

  • Cobalt or chromium poisoning
  • High levels of metal in the bloodstream, a condition known as metallosis
  • Pain in the groin, hip or leg
  • Painful and pronounced limp
  • Swelling on and around the hip joint
  • Revision surgery

Over 30,000 Stryker Hip Implants were sold worldwide prior to the 2012 recall; 20,000 were sold in the United States. Between 2008 and 2012 thousands of patients received the Stryker Hip Implant, these patients are at risk of experiencing the dangerous side effects or revision surgery due to the device failure.

Safety Alert Issued

The Stryker Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers for medical devices, including hip implant devices, and therefore is a company patients rely on when they are need of Hip Replacement surgery. The FDA has issued numerous safety alerts on Stryker products for the past several years, including multiple product recalls. The LFit® V40, one of Stryker Corporation’s products, has received a high number of complaints due to the femoral head components. The complaints have been issued by thousands of doctors and patients stating the devices are prone to high failure rates and are defective.

Serious complications and health risks occur when these metal hip implant devices fail and break down. Patients may have to undergo revision surgery, that is not only painful but costly, in order to remove the defective device. The devices that are at the center of this safety alert include the LFit V40 head devices manufactured between 2001 and 2011. There are more than 300,000 of these devices implanted in patients, all of which have a 20-30% failure rate.

Symptoms of failure and break down of the LFit V40 include:

  • Adverse local tissue reaction
  • Broken bones around the component
  • Inflammation
  • Joint instability
  • Leg length discrepancy
  • Loss of mobility
  • Pain
  • Revision surgery

If you or a loved one experienced pain and discomfort or were required to undergo painful revision surgery after receiving a Stryker Hip Implant, you could be entitled to compensation. The Striker Corporation has set aside billions of dollars to compensate patients who were required to undergo revision surgery due to their Rejuvenate and ABG ll model hip implants.

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