Are You Eligible for Social Security Benefits?

The social security administration has two different programs that do more than just provide retirement benefits, they also provide monthly income. The two programs are the social security disability insurance (SSDI) and the supplemental security income (SSI).

The application process for both programs can be challenging and include a high denial rate among applicants. It is important to understand the eligibility criteria and determine if you are eligible for benefits prior to applying. You can count on the Attorney Injury Group to help you determine if you are eligible and properly complete the application process to receive your benefits.

Determining Eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance

Prior to applying for SSD there are five basic questions that you should ask yourself to determine if you feel you are eligible for social security disability insurance, to help you determine if you meet the proper criteria:

    1. Is your disability long-term – lasting more than a year?
    2. Do you meet the basic criteria for SSDI or SSI eligibility?
    3. Are you currently earning income – this is critical and can negatively effect your claim?
    4. Does your medical condition or impairment fall within the SSA’s definition of disabled – check the SSA website to view the list with criteria?
    5. Can you work at any job you’ve had in the past or at any job you are qualified for?

Is your disability long term?

Both SSDI and SSDI can cover long term disabilities, not short term medical problems. In order to be eligible, your impairment must have lasted for a year. In order to justify that your illness is severe and will last up to a year you must have medical records documenting this. There is an exception to the year long requirement. If your disability is fatal or certain problems arise.

Currently earning income?

If you are, then you are considered to be engaged in “substantial gainful activity” (SGA). Those who are engaged in this cannot qualify for benefits. If you are only earning a small amount of money, you may not be considered to be engaged in SGA.

Does your Medical Condition Qualify as “Disabled”?

In order to qualify for benefits your impairment must have a significant impact on your life. Not all impairments or illness the SSA has a detailed list of what will and will not be considered.

The list consists of common medical problems that can result in a person qualifying for benefits. This is to help determine if your condition is severe enough. With each illness on the list, there is a set of symptoms that a person must exhibit in order for your to be eligible for benefits. If you have an illness on the list, you also need proof of the required symptom, and the required frequency.

This list can be found on the SSA’s website.

Can you work?

The last defining criteria for determining if you qualify is whether you can work. The main focus of the SSA is to see whether you can do the job you held previously to becoming disabled or any job you did in the past, while looking at transferrable skills. If you can put a skill learned at a previous job into another career, then the SSA will expect you to use this skill to find employment.

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