Social Security Disability FAQS

As you work you pay into social security – the longer you have worked the more money you have put into SSDI. If you develop a medical problem or impairment causing you to not perform the required tasks on the job you can qualify for SSDI.

SSDI is a benefit program administered by the Social Security Administration.

SSDI is intended to provide a security for those who are disabled allowing them to support themselves, the application process is very complex. There are multiple factors and criteria that are required in order to become eligible for SSDI. It is important to have an experienced social security disability lawyer by your side helping you through the process.

Social Security Disability FAQs

What are social security disability benefits?
The Social Security Administration provides these benefits to those who have a long-term condition that has lasted at least a year, that is going to last for a year or that is a fatal condition.

How is disability defined when obtaining benefits?
There are limits in place for those who meet a specific definition of disability. The Blue Book was prepared by the SSA in order to provide a listing of impairments and symptoms that meets the definition of disabled by SSA standards.

If your condition is not listed in the Blue Book you can still qualify for benefits as long as you have medical proof that your condition is equivalent to the standards outlined by the SSA.

How do I apply for benefits?
The application process is extremely difficult, but easy to access. You can go online to the SSA website and begin the process. You can also visit your local social security office to apply. It is important to have all of your medical records, work history and personal information ready prior to applying. You will have to provide multiple documents.

What types of medical records do I need to qualify for benefits?
Your medical records need to show that you have been diagnosed with a condition that is covered by the SSA and the symptoms pertaining to the condition. The medical information should come from a licensed specialist and should be provided by a physician or physicians that treat you regularly – the treatment should also be ongoing.

How long will it take to get an answer?
It usually takes about 4-6 months for the SSA to come up with an answer to your claim. They will notify you if your claim has been approved or denied. Don’t worry if you have been denied you can appeal the denial. If there are a large amount of applications you claim can take longer to be reviewed. In order to avoid a delay, it is important to have an experienced attorney by your side preparing your application.

Are there other disability benefits available?
There are multiple disability benefits available. If you receive a low income and have limited resources you could qualify for SSI benefits. If you are a disabled veteran you could qualify for Veterans Disability benefits. In other cases, it is possible to qualify for multiple benefits – this can reduce the amount of compensation you receive from multiple sources..

How long can my benefits continue?
As long as you continue to meet the definition of disabled under the SSA criteria and are not earning income you can continue to receive benefits. At times, you may have to undergo a review in order to ensure that you are still disabled.

What if my benefits claim is denied?
A majority of claims first time are denied, this is when you need to consult an experienced disability attorney. Your attorney can help you through the appeal process – this is the best chance you have after being denied to receive benefits. The appeals process involves multiple stages and strict timelines. Let an experienced attorney help you through this process to get the benefits you deserve.

Should I get help from an attorney?
Your best chance of being approved for benefits is with the help of an experienced attorney. When you hire an attorney, you have an increased chance of being approved and avoiding the appeals process after a denial.

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