School Bus Safety for Massachusetts Drivers

August 19, 2019 Driving Safety

As much as it may be difficult to admit, summer is coming to an end, which means soon nearly 400,000 students will be taking school buses in Massachusetts.

It’s important for all drivers to have a refresher course on the laws and safety tips for sharing the roads with school buses to keep everyone safe.

When Must I  Stop for School Buses?

In Massachusetts, all drivers in both directions must stop for a school bus when the stop sign arm is extended with flashing lights. Drivers must wait for the stop sign folds back into the bus.

This law is in place in order to protect students who are boarding or exiting the bus, and it is critically important for drivers to pay attention and watch for school buses.

Keep in mind that if a driver is caught not stopping for a school bus, the fine is $250 for the first offense.

How Far Away Should I Keep When Travelling Behind a School Bus?

The 10-foot area around a stopped school bus is commonly known as the most dangerous for children. As a driver, it is important to keep your distance and avoid following too closely. This makes it easier to brake slowly when school bus flashing lights come on.

That’s why it is important to avoid texting, scrolling through social media, making phone calls or any other distracting activity that could impair your reaction time.

What Should I Do in a School Zone?

When driving in a school zone, you must follow the speed limit, which is often 20 mph for the entire distance. You may return to the normal speed limit once you pass the sign that designates when a school zone ends.

Let’s Share the Roads Safely

The National Highway Traffic Safety Organization states that children who take a school bus instead of a car are 70x more likely to arrive safely.

Unfortunately, nearly 128 people die in school-bus related accidents each year.

We must all do our part as drivers and follow the laws and stay alert in order to help ensure we keep everyone safe. Your responsible actions could help save lives.

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