RMV Under Fire for Not Reviewing Thousands of Out of State Driving Violations

July 17, 2019 Driving Safety

Following last month’s tragic motorcycle accident that claimed seven lives, The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is under fire for failing to review thousands of out-of-state violations.

The driver who caused the fatal accident, Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, worked for a Massachusetts trucking company and had several driving violations. Connecticut’s RMV sent digital and written alerts about Zhukovskyy about his OUI charges, yet the Massachusetts RMV never processed the notices.

The case can be made that if the RMV processed the notice and his driver’s license was suspended, potentially the lives of the motorcyclists could have been saved.

Unfortunately, thousands of written violations noticed were found in nearly 100 boxes at the organization’s Quincy headquarters location.

More than One Thousand Massachusetts Licenses Suspended Following Tragic Accident

To help avoid tragic accidents happening again to remove dangerous drivers from the streets, Governor Baker announced that officials are cracking down on penalizing those with out-of-state driving violations.

Recently, 1,607 drivers’ licenses with out-of-state violations have been suspended.

Massachusetts RMV Stopped Notifying Other States of Drivers with Violations for More than a Year

In addition to reviewing violations and issuing suspensions, the RMV will now be required to notify other states if an out-of-state driver is suspended in Massachusetts. The Mass RMV had stopped sending notices in March of 2018.

Baker also plans on creating legislation that would make Massachusetts commercial driving license requirements stricter.

In order to address the RMV’s failures, a national auditing firm is investigating and will issue reports on its out-of-state violations review process. The firm will make suggestions for how the RMV should move forward in the future.

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