Recent Boston Cyclist Death Raises Important Safety Concerns

March 12, 2019 Bike Accident

The tragic death of a beloved cyclist and member of the Boston community sheds light on how dangerous Boston streets are for cyclists and pedestrians. Last month Paula Sharaga, who was a  children’s librarian at the Coolidge Corner Library and an avid cyclist, was tragically killed by a cement truck that crashed into her when she was crossing an intersection at Park Drive and Brookline Avenue.

Members of the Boston cyclist community held a memorial where Sharaga lost her life, leaving behind a woman’s bike painted in white, a symbol of a ghost bike. The symbol demonstrates how cycling on Boston streets can be fatal, tragically cutting a life short in mere seconds.

Cyclist Community Calls for More Comprehensive Action to Reduce Accidents, Save Lives

According to WGBH, there have been nearly 200 pedestrian crashes on the streets leading up to that intersection and nearly 30 crashes requiring emergency attention near the intersection since 2015.

Cyclists are calling for stricter laws to help protect bike riders at dangerous intersections in Boston. Although several Vision Zero Boston initiatives have been implemented to help save lives, including reducing the speed limit to 20mph in residential streets and accepting a few “Neighborhood Slow Streets” applications, but this is not enough to address the dangers cyclists face every day.

Cyclist and Pedestrian Accident and Fatality Statistics

The statistics are alarming and demonstrate that more needs to be done to protect cyclists and pedestrians alike in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. Boston streets are notorious for being dangerous to drive on, yet with proper precautions, lives should not be taken.

Tips for Drivers to Share the Road with Cyclists

  • Stay Alert – Cyclists can be difficult to see, therefore be sure to stay alert and survey the area for bicyclists, especially at intersections and when making turns.
  • Don’t Veer into a Bike Lane – Bike lanes are for bikes only and cars must keep these lanes clear.
  • Don’t Speed – Make sure to keep 3-4 feet between you and a cyclist and slow done when you see them approaching.
  • Look Out Before Opening a Car Door– Be careful when opening car doors on the street, look in your rearview mirror and to the sides before opening the door.
  • Always Use Your Signals – Use your turn signals to warn other cars and cyclists of when you will turn and keep on the lookout for cyclist signals.
  • Avoid Using Your Phone – Phones are a major cause of distracted driving. Put your phone down and focus on driving and keeping your eyes on the road.

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