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Regardless if a person or company owns or rents property, they are obligated to maintain the property to make sure it is kept in a reasonably safe manner. If the property owner or renter/occupier invites people over and the property is not kept in a safe manner causing harm to the visitor harm, those injured as a result of negligent maintenance can file a personal injury claim under the premises liability laws.

In order to properly make a premises liability claim one must establish that they are owed a duty of care, as well as provide information proving that the duty was breached in a negligent way leading up to their injury or harm. This can be complicated to prove, but having an experienced Boston premises liability lawyer by your side can help ease the process.

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Premises Liability Laws

If you have suffered a serious injury due to negligent upkeep on someone else’s property you may be able to recover compensation. The amount will vary depending on why you were on the property including:

  • Customers and people invited to a property to do business are classified as invitees meaning they are owed the highest duty of care, and property owners must regularly inspect to ensure that there are no dangers or hazards. Any dangers or hazards must be corrected or visitors must be warned about them.
  • Friends, acquaintances and people invited to a property for a casual visit are classified as licensees.
    Property owners or renters in control of the property are obligated to correct any dangers they know about or reasonably should know about, or to warn their guests about those dangers in order to meet the intermediate duty of care required. There is no requirement that these property owners perform regular inspections on the property.
  • Trespassers who enter a property without permission are owed the lowest duty of care. Property owners are not allowed to create traps for them and, if they know the trespassers are there, then the properties owners may be obligated to warn them of things that are very dangerous on the property. Property owners who have a swimming pool or other enticing item (called ‘attractive nuisances’ in legal terms) must take additional precautions to protect trespassers.

After a type of duty has been established you are required to prove that the property owner failed to properly warn and maintain his/her property resulting in an injury. In order to prove negligence on their part it is important to document the scene and make sure there were witnesses willing to come forward.

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