New Technology Hopes to Prevent School Bus Tragedies

August 7, 2019 School Bus Accident

It is in a parent’s nature to worry. When it comes to our children we worry about all kinds of things. However, one thing possibly not on our radar: school bus accidents. And considering the statistics, we have reason to be worried.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports that accidents involving buses are almost three times more deadly than accidents involving other vehicles.

Surprisingly, about 21 percent of fatalities occur with non-occupants, such as pedestrians and bicyclists, etc. Too often inattentive drivers fail to comply with the law and stop, as children are getting on or off the bus.  But as worrisome as this is, there may just be a new solution.

Predictive Analytics May Save Lives

Luckily, The Safe Fleet Company has come up with the technology to help prevent these tragedies. It is now testing a fully automated device, which helps to detect a dangerous situation ahead of time.

Leveraging artificial intelligence with radar technology, the device’s predictive analytics are able to determine whether a vehicle is going to stop in time and will send out warnings if it detects that it will not. Currently, the company is testing the technology with four buses in the Hopkins school district in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Real-Time Warnings of Risks  

The Predictive Stop Arm (PSA for short) is a proprietary device that is able to ascertain the speed and distance of another vehicle. When the software finds that the vehicle is not going to stop in time, it will provide both an audible and visual warning to alert both the bus driver and the children outside of the bus that they should refrain from crossing the street at that time.

Safe Fleet’s Right-Hand Danger Zone protection system is capable of tracking the movements of kids within a certain perimeter, and supply visual warnings to the bus driver when there is a present risk.

The PSA is currently being tested within five different locations across the country. According to Hopkins schools Director of Transportation, Derrick Agate, “It prevents the child from ever stepping out into the roadway when the system predicts the motorist will not stop.”

Currently, Safe Fleet is selling and installing its PSA devices for about $2,000 to $3,000. The company hopes that not only will its software prevent injuries and save lives, but also increase driver performance, improve outside safety and optimize fleet operations management.

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