Have Your Claims & Appeals Been Denied?

Social security disability benefits are designed to ensure that those who are disabled and can not work have an income. Social security disability insurance (SSDI) is administered through the Social Security Administration (SSA), providing a monthly income to qualifying long-term disabled Americans who are unable to work due to an existing medical condition. Unfortunately, the SSA denies a majority of the SSI applications they receive on a daily basis.

When a disability claim is denied, it can be devastating to the person who was depending upon receiving monthly disability benefits. Getting denied however, doesn’t mean that you should give up. You pay into the social security system so you can secure your SSDI benefits, and you are entitled to those benefits when you can’t work. At The Attorney Injury Group, we can fight to help you get the benefits you deserve.

The Social Security Disability Appeals Process

When a claim for benefits is denied, there is an administrative appeals process in place that allows applicants more chanced to prove that they are truly disabled and entitled to benefits.

In order to appeal social security disability benefits, there is a four step process:

  • Request for reconsideration
  • A disability benefit hearing
  • A review of the hearing decision by the social security appeals board
  • Appeal the federal court

It is important that at each step you act in a timely manor since there is a limited period of time one can appeal before your claim denial is permanent. An experienced lawyer at the Attorney Injury Group can help ensure that you preserve the right to appeal and can work with you to help make your appeal successful.

Request for Consideration

This is the first and simplest step in the appeals process. A request for consideration simply involves asking the SSA to take a second look at your application. Your claim will be reviewed for a second time by someone different after you make a request and this time a different conclusion might be made regarding your right to benefits.

As you make a request for reconsideration, you may wish to strengthen your initial application by providing stronger additional information. It is important to know and understand what went wrong with your first claim in order for you to determine if anything was missing or what other weaknesses may have hurt your initial claim.

A Disability Benefits Review Hearing

You have the right to request a hearing if your claim for benefit is denied. The decision made at the hearing is by an administrative law judge, and remains within the SSA administrative process. It can take approximately a year or longer for a hearing to be scheduled and it normally takes place at a designated location around where you are located. During the time of the hearing you should plan to attend as well as any witnesses in order to provide a solid argument about why you are entitled to benefits.

You should make sure that you are represented by an advocate who has extensive knowledge of the social security disability system.

Appeal to Federal Court

The appeal to the federal court is the last and final level of appeal and it involves asking a federal court judge to review the previous decisions in your case. It is very difficult to win an appeal in federal court due to the rarity for a federal judge to undo what the SSA has done already or to come to an opposing conclusion.

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