Have You Been Affected By Dangerous Drugs on the Market?

Patients who suffer from any type of medical condition are typically required to take medications for their ailments. Unfortunately, there are times drugs used to treat patients do more harm than good.

This harm can be caused due to doctors prescribing drugs for off-label purposes – conditions the FDA hasn’t actually approved their use for. It can also occur in situations where drugs are used as directed but still cause unexpected harm.


The manufacturers and drug companies must be held responsible when a serious injury results due to a dangerous drug being prescribed to a patient. The damages and losses in these cases can be significant, in some cases, serious injury, illness, or even death results. The drug companies are obligated by law to compensate the victims for any injuries or illnesses that arise as a direct result of these dangerous drugs.

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Liability for Danger Drugs in Massachusetts

In the state of Massachusetts, there is no requirement for the injured victim to prove the drug company was negligent in manufacturing, testing, or releasing the drug, as long as the victim can prove the drug was the direct cause of some type of harm. Like most serious injury claims, this type of dangerous drug claim is placed under strict product liability rules.

The damages that are associated with dangerous drugs can have a significant effect on the victims and their families, but fortunately there is hope. Plaintiffs may be able to obtain these damages through a class action lawsuit, which is the most common scenario, or through filing their own dangerous drug claim.

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