Construction Accident Injury Lawyers in Boston

Have you been injured in a construction accident?

In the United States construction is one of the most dangerous occupations. Workers’ compensation claims and occasionally personal injury lawsuits increase due to the number of injuries and fatalities resulting from construction accidents.

When an employer, property owner or any other entity fails to correct dangerous or unsafe on-site conditions, serious and sometimes fatal, accidents occur.

If you or a loved one suffers from serious injury due to a construction accident that was not your fault, call the experienced Boston construction accident lawyers at the Attorney Injury Group at 617-934-7000 for help. We will investigate your accident and injury claim, and work to seek the justice and the compensation you deserve.

Our experienced construction injury lawyers will fight to make sure that you receive the best medical treatment and help get those injured the compensation they deserve following an accident. We will make sure to hold the negligent party accountable and will fight for you.

Causes of Construction Accidents

The reality is that a majority of construction site injuries are not an “accident,” but are the result of pure negligence by a contractor, property owner, sub-contractor, equipment manufacturer or any other party that has failed to meet the state and federal regulations in place. The failure normally involves neglecting to provide the proper safety gear or safe equipment on a job site.

The leading causes of accidents on the job vary from falls to electrocution. If all hazards were eliminated from job sites, it would save 602 construction worker lives each year.

The most common causes of construction accidents are:

  • Crane accidents
  • Defective ladders
  • Equipment accidents
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals and materials (including asbestos)
  • Falls
  • Forklift accidents
  • Heavy equipment accidents
  • Lack of safety gear
  • Poorly-maintained equipment
  • Scaffolding accidents
  • Unguarded trenches or platforms

Legal analysis and prompt medical attention are imperative in these cases.

Often the injuries stemming from the accidents are extremely serious, debilitating and even fatal. Recovery can take months or even years depending on how severe the injury sustained is, ranging from broken bones, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and back and neck injuries; some never fully recover.

Employer’s main duty is to make sure all workers are well trained and well equipped for the task at hand while on the job. Often, there are multiple parties who are responsible for ensuring that the sites are properly adhering to OSHA safety standards at all times. Unfortunately, this fails to happen far too often resulting in injuries.

 Workers’ Compensation vs. Third Party Lawsuit

After an accident, it is important to immediately speak with a trusted construction injury lawyer in Boston, to see if you are entitled to not only workers compensation damages but also to damages pertaining to a personal injury lawsuit. The benefits that are available through the worker’s compensation law in Massachusetts exclusively includes remedy provision that bars litigation against an employer – regardless of negligence – depending on where the benefits are available. The third-party lawsuit against other parties that are responsible is able to help secure damages.

These accidents are preventable, at the Attorney Injury Group, we understand the hesitation workers may feel towards filing a claim against their employer or a big-name firm within their industry. It is important to call these firms out for their negligence and safety breaches not only to ensure the financial stability you deserve but to also make sure these sites are safe for future generations.

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