Car v. Pedestrian Accident in Boston

According to statistics provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, some 48 pedestrians are killed in a year’s time after being struck by motor vehicles in Massachusetts. Cell phones and other distractions can claim a driver’s attention, making pedestrians – who may be hard to see anyway – even more vulnerable. If you’ve suffered injuries as a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle in Massachusetts, you could be facing a long and potentially expensive recovery. It is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure that you have the resources you need to pay for costly medical care, along with compensation for missed wages if your injuries are disabling.

The Boston car accident attorneys at the Attorney Injury Group are well-versed in the devastating injuries that victims can suffer when a vehicle strikes a defenseless pedestrian. Serious head and spinal injuries are often reported. So are broken bones, sprains, lacerations and other painful and potentially scarring wounds. The medical care needed to help you recover from such a traumatic accident can be expensive and may include the services of physical therapists or a stay in a rehabilitation facility. Your injuries may leave you permanently unable to work or even to care for yourself and your loved ones. The Massachusetts personal injury attorneys at the Attorney Injury Group will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation available to you in the aftermath of a vehicle/pedestrian crash.

Nationwide, more than 4,000 pedestrians die in a year’s time in crashes involving motor vehicles, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. That’s about 12% of crash fatalities. Research confirms that most pedestrians are killed in urban areas, many as they try to cross streets. Sidewalks, crosswalks, and medians are common sites for pedestrian/vehicle collisions. The IIHS explains that pedestrians are most severely injured when they strike vehicles’ windshields, hoods or bumpers. “Serious head, pelvis, and leg injuries are common” among pedestrians, the organization adds. Their data reveals that older Americans run the greatest risk of dying because they were struck by a vehicle. Death rates for those 70 years of age and older were 62% higher than the rates for younger pedestrians.

The Boston car accident lawyers at the Attorney Injury Group have handled a variety of cases involving pedestrians injured in accidents with motor vehicles. When injuries are particularly severe – as they often are when pedestrians are struck – it is vital to engage the services of attorneys who will aggressively represent your interests. The Massachusetts accident attorneys at the Attorney Injury Group know that decisive action may be needed to ensure that your rights are protected, and we respond accordingly. Our attorneys have built a respected reputation for their legal knowledge and their access to the medical resources needed to fully understand the long-term implications of even the most complex injuries. When you need to focus on your recovery, you need the peace of mind that comes from having solid legal experience in your corner. For a free consultation about your case, contact the Attorney Injury Group.