Boston Traffic Fatalities Down, Crash Injuries Increasing

Although the number of fatal crashes in Boston has dropped nearly 50% over the past three years, a new report on traffic-related injuries suggests the city has seen an increase in nonfatal traffic injuries.

Over the past three years, the city of Boston has made efforts to improve traffic safety by lowering speed limits, constructing protected bike lanes, and more. These efforts have reduced the number of fatalities to 10 in 2018, down from 14 in 2017 and 21 in 2016. At the same time, however, Boston recorded 4,367 crashes resulting in nonfatal injuries during 2018, 12 more than the city reported in 2016.

Evaluating the Vision Zero Program

This information, reported by the LiveableStreets Alliance and advocacy groups representing both cyclists and pedestrians, examined Boston’s Vision Zero program. The program is part of an international campaign to eliminate traffic fatalities by the year 2030.

While LiveableStreets has acknowledged the successes Vision Zero has achieved in the city, the group suggests the city needs to be more assertive with extended curbs, traffic pylons, protected bike lanes, and other protective measures. The city has pledged to increase spending on additional safety programs, and on the promotion of alternative transportation.

How Boston Plans to Reduce Speed Limits

In 2017, the city of Boston lowered the speed limit from 30 MPH to 25 MPH. They are considering lowering it further, and a pilot program is currently underway to test the feasibility of a 20 MPH speed limit in several sections of the city.

Improvement Needed

Advocates suggest the city needs to do even more, calling for additional speed humps on roads, targeted police enforcement, more infrastructure for cyclists and greater incentives for residents to use public transportation. They cite nearby Cambridge, where city officials recently required the installation of permanent protected cycling lanes on major streets scheduled for road work.

Officials from LivableStreets say the city needs to enhance its focus on those major arterial roads carrying heavy vehicle traffic, as many of those roads also see significant use from both pedestrians and cyclists. In their analysis of city data, fatal accidents appear to be as much as nine times more common on arterial roads compared to other streets within the city.

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