Boston Launches Safest Driver Competition

May 2, 2019 Distracted Driving

We all know how dangerous distracted driving is, but did you know you could earn thousands of dollars in prizes, just by being a safe driver?

In a unique effort to reduce distracted driving, Mayor Walsh has teamed up with local organizations to launch this year’s Safest Drivers Competition, where drivers can earn prizes up to $25,000, simply by downloading an app and driving safer.

How to Enter the Competition  

To enter, Boston residents must download the Boston’s Safest Driver app on their phones. Drivers leave the app open to run in the background, which monitors different variables, such as speeding, braking and driver distraction.

In 2016, the first year the competition began, drivers reduced phone distractions by nearly 50 percent. This year’s competition runs through July 28.

Why Eliminating Distracted Driving is Everyone’s Goal

This interesting and potentially highly rewarding campaign is tied to Boston’s Vision Zero initiative, to eliminate all traffic fatalities by 2030.

In a recent blog post, we mentioned that approximately nine Americans are killed every day and 100 are injured due to distracted driving. In Boston alone, there were 4,367 crashes in 2018, and it’s not difficult to imagine that a majority of these accidents were caused by cell phone use.

Unfortunately, 10 people were killed in Boston accidents last year. These are people’s loved ones – mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, friends, etc. Their lives could have been saved.

That’s why everyone needs to be more aware of using their phones and know that the car is not the place to be sending texts, checking emails or scrolling through social media. Accidents can happen in a second, and driving requires our full attention.

We may think that we drive every day and it’s not a big deal, but it absolutely is. Don’t let one mistake cause irreversible consequences. As Bostonians, we are in this together to make the streets safer for all of us.

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