Boston Car v. Bicycle Accidents

In Massachusetts, cyclists are killed each year because of drivers who are not paying attention, lack respect or are otherwise negligent. The majority of the accidents occur in and around the Boston area. Although Massachusetts is among the score of states that requires bicycle riders (between the ages of 1 and 16) to wear helmets, the sheer number of vehicles that share roadways with bicyclists make car/bicycle crashes a fact of modern life. Like motorcycles, bicycles can be difficult for drivers to see, even if riders wear high-visibility clothing. If you or a family member has been injured in a bicycle/motor vehicle collision, you may benefit from the advice of a qualified personal injury attorney.

The Boston car accident attorneys at the Attorney Injury Group have seen the results of accidents involving motor vehicles and bicycles. Our Massachusetts bicycle accident lawyers know that the severity of injuries can be particularly extreme in these situations because cyclists have no means of protection against vehicles. We understand that head and neck injuries, multiple broken bones, and other common injuries from vehicle/bicycle collisions can mean lengthy recovery times. You may need long-term medical care, extensive rehabilitation or specialized therapies. In the worst cases, you may be permanently disabled because of your injuries. When your physical and financial well-being are at stake, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the Boston personal injury attorneys at the Attorney Injury Group are working to secure the maximum possible amount of compensation for you and the loved ones who depend on your support.

In Massachusetts, the Boston car accident lawyers at the Attorney Injury Group have built a respected reputation for their tireless representation of those who have been injured in bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles. The severe, and often life-changing, injuries that can occur in such crashes demand the knowledge of experienced legal professionals in order to ensure that settlements adequately address the often long-term medical and financial needs of victims.

The Massachusetts bicycle accident lawyers at the Attorney Injury Group are known for their experienced and decisive action on their clients’ behalf. Our attorneys know how painful and frightening a serious injury can be. We also know that worries about missed paychecks and family members who rely on injured wage earners can slow your recovery. Take advantage of our firm’s offer of a free consultation to discuss your case. The Attorney Injury Group will protect your rights and aggressively represent your interests.