Boston Bike Route To Include New Safety Enhancements

May 31, 2019 Safety

This June, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) will begin roadway improvements along Charles River Dam Road. The reconfiguration—which will also include the Craigie Bridge—is designed to improve safety for bicyclists. An article detailing the plans for the roadway reconfiguration is available here.

About the Project

After the reconfiguration is complete, Charles River Dam Road and the Craigie Bridge will offer bicyclists a number of safety improvements. MassDOT plans to enhance the pavement markings, improve wayfinding signage, and improve traffic signals along the route. Other scheduled improvements will include:

  • Two motor vehicle lanes in each direction
  • One dedicated bicycle lane in each direction
  • Vertical stanchions between bicycle/car lanes
  • A dedicated turning lane onto Land Boulevard

About the Efforts

The work is to commence in June 2019—with completion scheduled for August of the same year. According to MassDOT, these improvements are the result of a Roadway Safety Audit, public outreach process, and collaborative efforts involving local stakeholders.

All told, MassDOT expects to spend over $7.6 billion on roadway and bridge construction projects—including Charles River Dam Road and the Craigie Bridge.

Bicyclists Protected by Law

As we reported in an earlier blog, the 2017 Bike Lane Protection Bill—signed into law by Governor Charlie Baker—makes parking or standing in designated bicycle lanes illegal. Even with the change in the law, bicycle-safety advocates claim such behavior still occurs frequently.

They note the obstruction of designated bicycle lanes forces bicyclists into traffic with other vehicles—including cars, trucks, and buses. This exposes riders to opening vehicle doors and many other traffic hazards.

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