Boston Bicyclists Urge Ride-Share Services to Make Safety Improvements

March 5, 2019 Bike Accident

In a recent letter, a coalition of bicycle-safety groups in Boston urged Uber and Lyft to educate drivers to safely share city streets with cyclists. An article on their efforts appears here.

In the letter, 14 organizations from the greater Boston area, including the Boston Cyclists Union,  Somerville Bicycle Committee, Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition, Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee and Cambridge Bicycle Safety, called on the two ride-share companies to improve driver education. They expressed concern regarding ride-share drivers who may obstruct designated bicycle lanes while receiving or discharging passengers.

Protection Under Law

Under the 2017 Bike Lane Protection Bill, signed into law by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, parking or standing in a designated bicycle lane is illegal. Even so, bike-safety advocates claim such behavior still occurs frequently, and has become more common as the ride-share services grow in popularity.

The coalition notes the obstruction of designated bicycle lanes forces cyclists into the flow of traffic alongside cars, trucks, buses, and other motor vehicles, exposing them to many traffic hazards and increasing the risk they will be hit by opening vehicle doors.

Seeking a Common Goal

The coalition offered to work with Uber and Lyft and provided ideas to help improve driver conduct, including video tutorials, cellphone alerts, and the promotion of designated passenger pick-up and drop-off zones. Both companies expressed willingness to discuss safety concerns.

About Bicycle Accidents

A bicycle is a wonderful form of transportation, providing a great way to stay healthy and fit. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents happen every day. Riders need to ride carefully, remain alert, and always follow the rules of the road for their own protection. Bicycle accidents leading to serious injuries can happen for many reasons, including:

  • Distracted, drunk, or impaired drivers
  • Vehicles using designated bicycle lanes
  • Hazardous roads due to weather conditions
  • Unsafe conditions causing loss of control

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