Regional and National Spinal Cord Injury Resources

September 19, 2018
As mentioned in our last blog post, this September we are observing National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month. In this second part of our blog series, Attorney Injury Group showcases resources—both regional and national—that support and assist those accident victims who currently live with the ongoing effects of spina... read more

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Boston Drivers Ranked as Second Worst in the Country  

September 17, 2018
A recent Allstate study found that Boston ranks second on the list of worst drivers in the country. This negative distinction is, in fact, an improvement from last year’s report, which labeled Boston drivers as the worst in the nation. But is this modest change an indication that Boston drivers are being more responsible?... read more

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Spinal Cord Injury Statistics You Need to Know

September 6, 2018
Each year, nearly 12,500 Americans sustain spinal cord injuries, which can severely impact a person’s way of life and even cause death. Spinal cord injuries cause the communication between the spinal cord and the brain to be blocked, resulting in paralysis of the body. In honor of National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Mo... read more

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Back to School Safety Tips for Massachusetts Drivers

August 31, 2018
As summer comes to an end, children across Massachusetts have traded in sand buckets and swimming goggles for backpacks and pencils as they head back to school. With this in mind, it is important for drivers to stop for buses, respect school zones and avoid aggressive driving. Let’s take a closer look at the important [&h... read more

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Eliminating Drunk Driving in Massachusetts

August 16, 2018
Drunk driving is a major issue across the nation, including the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Every two minutes, a person is killed in a drunk driving crash in the United States, adding up to an alarming 10,497 deaths each year. In 2016, 119 drunk driving deaths in Massachusetts accounted for 31% of all traffic fatalities... read more

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Safety Tips to Consider Before Hitting the Road

July 24, 2018
Many people may not be aware that the summer is the most dangerous time to drive. With more people out on the roads traveling for vacations, day-trips and other summer activities, the chances of being involved in accidents are even higher during the months of July and August. Although drivers of all ages are at […] Continue Reading

Driving Drowsy: Lack of Sleep Can Be Dangerous

June 14, 2018
A fatal car accident caused by drowsy driving that recently occurred in our sister city of Boston, Georgia reminds us of the dangers of drowsy driving. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim of this tragedy and her family during this difficult time. While most people are aware of the dangers of driving under […... read more

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How to Prevent Swimming Accidents

June 12, 2018
With the official start of summer around the corner, many people will be heading to the pool, beach or lake to soak up the sun. While swimming and summer go hand in hand, a day at the pool or beach can quickly turn dangerous without safety precautions and the right supervision. Unfortunately, there are nearly […] Continue Reading

How Bicyclists Can Stay Safe on the Roads

May 31, 2018
With the summer season around the corner, more bicyclists will be out enjoying the warm weather. However, due to the amount of traffic, cities such as Boston can be dangerous for bicyclists. Nationally, bike accidents are a major issue as nearly 45,000 cyclists are injured every year. Unfortunately, such accidents can be fa... read more

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Tips to Stay Safe on the Roads this Memorial Day Weekend

May 25, 2018
Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. No matter how you choose to spend your holiday weekend, whether it’s traveling to a beach or lake, spending time with friends and family at a BBQ or relaxing at home, the attorneys and staff at Attorney Injury Group want to wish you and your family […] Continue Reading
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