What Mass Drivers Need to Know About the Hands-Free Driving Bill

May 13, 2019
House Speaker Robert DeLeo is confident that the Hands-Free driving bill will pass this year. The bill would make it illegal for drivers to hold their phones in Massachusetts, with the goal of reducing the number of distracted driving accidents, and ultimately, saving lives. How Serious of an Issue is Distracted Driving? Di... read more

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Boston Launches Safest Driver Competition

May 2, 2019
We all know how dangerous distracted driving is, but did you know you could earn thousands of dollars in prizes, just by being a safe driver? In a unique effort to reduce distracted driving, Mayor Walsh has teamed up with local organizations to launch this year’s Safest Drivers Competition, where drivers can earn prizes u... read more

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Concerns About Driving Safety with Legalized Marijuana in Massachusetts

May 1, 2019
Recreational marijuana has been legalized in Massachusetts for two years, yet there are many concerns about driving under the influence of the substance. In fact, marijuana was the second-leading drug found in drivers involved in fatal accidents from 2014-2017. People may not think driving under the influence of marijuana i... read more

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3D Crosswalk Installed in Boston Suburb to Reduce Accidents

April 24, 2019
With drivers more distracted than ever before, unfortunately, it can be easy for drivers to not notice crosswalks, and continue driving through them without stopping. A Medford elementary school has installed a 3D crosswalk near a pickup area in order to help encourage drivers to slow down and stop for pedestrians. The cros... read more

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Boston Traffic Fatalities Down, Crash Injuries Increasing

April 19, 2019
Although the number of fatal crashes in Boston has dropped nearly 50% over the past three years, a new report on traffic-related injuries suggests the city has seen an increase in nonfatal traffic injuries. Over the past three years, the city of Boston has made efforts to improve traffic safety by lowering speed limits, con... read more

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Boston Ranks Second on List of Cities with Highest Drunk Driving Convictions

April 9, 2019
According to a new study, Boston ranks as the second city in the nation in terms of the highest drunk driving convictions. This finding comes at a pivotal time as Governor Baker is proposing a new bill to make it mandatory for first-time DUI offenders to install ignition interlock devices in their cars to prevent […] Continue Reading

New Study Reveals Distracted Driving is Increasing Dramatically

April 2, 2019
Vehicle collisions caused by distracted driving kill at least nine Americans, and injure 100 more, every day. The National Safety Council established April as Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Observing Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April provides a chance to acknowledge the dangers of distracted driving, and elim... read more

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New Technology to Improve Safety for Both Cyclists and Pedestrians

March 27, 2019
A new pilot program in the cities of Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts seeks to tap into emerging technologies in the hopes of improving traffic safety. Advanced technologies able to detect, and react to, pedestrian and cyclist activity on our busy roadways stands at the heart of a smart city pilot program in Cambridg... read more

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Recent Boston Cyclist Death Raises Important Safety Concerns

March 12, 2019
The tragic death of a beloved cyclist and member of the Boston community sheds light on how dangerous Boston streets are for cyclists and pedestrians. Last month Paula Sharaga, who was a  children’s librarian at the Coolidge Corner Library and an avid cyclist, was tragically killed by a cement truck that crashed into her... read more

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Boston Bicyclists Urge Ride-Share Services to Make Safety Improvements

March 5, 2019
In a recent letter, a coalition of bicycle-safety groups in Boston urged Uber and Lyft to educate drivers to safely share city streets with cyclists. An article on their efforts appears here. In the letter, 14 organizations from the greater Boston area, including the Boston Cyclists Union,  Somerville Bicycle Committee, Ma... read more

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